Au pair insurance in Australia

During your time as an au pair, many situations can occur where comprehensive coverage makes sense. Not only because you could become ill while working as an au pair, but because there are other risks you should bear in mind. Here are a few examples:

  • A child falls off a playground swing and hurts itself.
  • You spill red wine on a carpet.
  • While cooking, you drop a pan on the glass cooktop, thereby breaking it.
  • Your baggage is stolen during your outward journey.
  • You need long-term dental care after an accident.
  • You have fallen seriously ill and a family member wants to visit you.
Au pair in Australia

We therefore always recommend comprehensive coverage consisting of travel insurance, personal liability, au pair liability, accident and assistance insurance.

OVHC insurance not mandatory

Foreign visitors to Australia are not entitled to medical care under the national healthcare system.* Since basic medical care in Australia can quickly add up to several thousand dollars, international health insurance is absolutely essential. You can purchase OVHC insurance (Overseas Visitors Health Cover), recommended by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It is a special type of insurance for foreign visitors to Australia that is offered only in Australia. These insurance policies are, however, expensive and only offer coverage in Australia, in contrast to international health insurance policies that are valid worldwide.

For their stay in Australia, au pairs have to apply for a Working Holiday visa (visa subclass 417) or a Work and Holiday visa (visa subclass 462). For these visa types, OVHC insurance is neither mandatory nor necessary. However, the situation is different for foreign students for whom OVHC insurance is mandatory.

We have put together a list of the advantages of OVHC insurance and a self-chosen insurance policy.


Advantages OVHC
- Contact on site
- Native language contact
- Experienced with healthcare system
- Ombudsman
- Return transport
- Worldwide insurance coverage
- More than just health insurance

Our recommendation

As you can see, there are arguments both for purchasing OVHC insurance as well as for choosing a tailored insurance solution.

Our au pair insurance policy PROTRIP-WORLD is a travel insurance solution that is valid worldwide and provides foreign visitors to Australia with the opportunity to enjoy a carefree stay down under. It offers comprehensive coverage particularly for au pairs, including the following benefits:

International health insurance
Return transport
Contact in your native language
24-hour emergency hotline
Travel home in case of emergency
Travel insurance for holidays up to 6 weeks during the stay
Liability insurance
Accident insurance
Baggage insurance

Please refer to the table of benefits for detailed information.


Visa requirements for au pairs in Australia

For their stay in Australia, au pairs have to apply for a Working Holiday visa (visa subclass 417) or a Work and Holiday visa (visa subclass 462).

You should comply with the following requirements when travelling to Australia:

You should

  • be between 18 and 30 years;
  • have at least 200 hours of experience in childcare (with verification);
  • have sufficient English skills;
  • have the financial means to pay for your stay (approx. AUD 5,000);
  • have enough money to pay for your return trip or already have your return ticket.

Please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for detailed information on the visa requirements.

Both types of visa allow you to work for a limited time in Australia, but you will not be subject to the rights and obligations regular employees would have (social security, taxes, compulsory health insurance) as a consequence of your stay. You are responsible yourself for healthcare, though, and can choose a tailored international health insurance solution for your needs.

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* Exceptions: Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Ireland and New Zealand have a healthcare agreement with Australia so that the citizens of these countries have access to emergency medical care but are not entitled to receive any additional treatment. For more information please go to